To The Naked Eye, It's A Connector.

To The Competition, It's A Barometer.

FX-2: A new Connector, A New Direction

Compatible with Futurebus+ specifications.

Recently, it has come to our attention that a new term has been added to the vocabulary of many of our competitors: "CECO-like." And we couldn't be more flattered. After all, this would seem to indicate that, in a scant three years, CECO has become nothing less than the standard by which high-speed 2.0 millimeter connectors are measured.

Introducing the CECO FX-2 Series - a new direction in all-metric, press-fit, completely solderless technology, offering an abundance of performance and durability. The new FX-2 Series has been designed to give maximum reliability at a considerably lower installed cost.

CECO FX-2 Connector Series features unique four and five row mono-body insulators with pin counts up to 630 contact positions, metric press-fit 75 and 50 ohm coaxial contacts, simple one-step solderless connector application without additional required heat staking secondary operations, and metric high power and fiber-optic options.

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