High Density 2mm Interconnection System

Connector System Overview

2,00 (.078) x 2,00 (.078) P.C.B. pin grid.
Four and Five row design.
High pin count up to 630 Signal contacts per one piece connector.
Monolithic insulators from one section 12,00 (.472) to twenty-one section 252,00 (9.921) in length.
Press-fit "Micro-EYE" or Solder type contact PCB termination.
Twin beam, beryllium-copper alloy, receptacle contacts designed with a high hertzian stress for outstanding reliability.
Cold Reforming Mounting Pegs for right angle receptacles. (press fixture requires no heat, for a simple one step connector installation)
Low mating (insertion) force 0,45 N (1.6 ozf) Maximum per signal contact.
Staged contact heights pin header (male) allows for "EM/LB" - Early Mate / Late Break.
Palladium-Nickel / Gold contact plating offers superior electrical and mechanical qualities.
High temperature insulator material permits Vapor phase soldering.
Connector Insulator Styles:
Right Angle Female "FR" 4 row or "FXR" 5 row Series.
Vertical Pin Male "FP" 4 row or "FXP" 5 row Series.
Vertical Female "FRS" 4 row or "FXRS" 5 row Series.
Right Angle Pin Male "FPR" 4 row Series.
Standard Connectors:
Signal contacts (1 amp) 1 contact per 1 P.C.B. hole or
Power contacts (3 amp) 1 contact per 3 P.C.B. holes.
Guide post: Integral (plastic) Standard and Polarized or Replaceable.
Hybrid Applications: DIN 41626 Coax, High Power, one per 12,00 (.472) section.
Mini Coax: six or nine 50 ohm Coax per 12,00 (.472) section.
Twin Coax: two 75 ohm Coax per 12,00 (.472) section.
Combination Connector: A mixture of signal, power, coax, and guide post all in one monolithic insulator.
Connectors are designed to P896 FUTUREBUS+ specifications.

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