• 1- Insulator contact tail captivation slots and alignment barriers.
  • 2- Receptacle
  • 3- Improved low-insertion, high normal force, "Twin Grip" contacts offer greater wiping area: .080" min on short and .125" min on long pins.
  • 4- Super dual compliant pin design features a curved tapered lead-in and rounded edges to prevent damage to PTH during installation- ensuring a highly reliable, individually-repairable connection.
  • 5- Backplane
  • 6- One length compliant pin, adjustable during installation offers a choice of standard or staged contact engagement heights for first mate/last break sequencing at no extra installed cost. Front or rear removal and replacement.
  • 7- A chamfered, closed re-entry lead-in protects the receptacle during pin mating.
  • 8- Pin Header
  • 9- Captivation slots, alignment barriers, heavier gage contact material, and a stiffening rib, all to provide a rigid, precisely aligned contact tail. This allows easy hand placement of the connector - up to 500 contact tails - into the daughter board holes in one simple cost-effective movement. No time consuming "Chinese Fingers" alignment features needed here!
  • 10- Daughter Board



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