At Last, A New Improved Yet Intermateable
High Density PCB Connector System.

CECO's New HDI-2000 Series
A Superior Design

Before tooling our new connector series we talked to engineers and OEMs to determine what improvements were desired in high density connectors. We listened to their suggestions, then set out to design a better, but still economical, intermateable/interchangeable connector. The HDI-2000 is the result of this effort: Higher Quality At A Lower Installed Cost.
Feature for feature, we invite your comparison. Test data and detailed specifications are available.
Once you've seen the HDI-2000, you'll want to take a second look at the design you're using. Call for your sample today.

(805) 484-0149

Immediate Delivery!

Click here for a diagram of the HDI-2000.

The System:

  • .100" x .100" Contact Spacing
  • Up to 500 Contact Positions
  • Three and Four Rows
  • One, Two and Three Bays
  • Straight and Right Angle Headers and Receptacles
  • Tools, Hardware and Accessories
  • Quality Plating Options
  • High Temperature Materials Wich will Withstand VP and IR Flow Soldering

  • Right Angle Press-Fit Receptacle


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